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Introduction by Director Park junhyeong

Four Constitutional Medicine is one of the main theories of Oriental Medicine, which suggests that one can live a long and healthy life only, sticking to the general rules of the very Constitution that he is involved in, and that doctors can cure the patient's disease easily by observing the rule after detecting which Constitution the patient is involved in. When we say Four Constitution, it means Greater Yang person, Lesser Yang person, Greater Yin person and Lesser Yin person. People have relatively stronger organs and weaker internal organs(Zhang Fu臟腑) according to the Constitution s/he involved in. If relatively weak organ gets weaker, or stronger one gets more power, it causes diseases. We call the weaker one Lesser, and stronger one Greater(It also means the size literally). Below are the explains of each of the Four Constitution(There might be slight differences of formation among each article, because four students wrote their own parts. However, there is no differences of contents, for they read the very same documents and articles). Befor getting start, please remind yourself that all the characteristics are determined "relatively", and that it is highly impossible for one to meet all the conditions because of our different lifestyle and environments.

1. Greater Yang person by Hyejin Seo

According to Lee Jema's book, "The Principal of Life Preservation in Oriental Medicine" (東醫壽世保元), Greater Yang person (太陽人) is the rarest trait of the four constitution types. The internal organs (臟腑) of greater yang person can be defined as “Large lungs, small liver."(肺大肝小)
Typically, greater yang person has well-developed head and neck and slender waist. Thus, greater yang person is often compared to dragon. The overall exterior of person of this constitution type can be described as “spherical,” particularly with a round face. In some cases, women of this constitution type are sterile despite all other healthy physical conditions.
In terms of character, this type of person is very progressive and active. He/she also has sociable character therefore he/she easily associates with other people. However, with “blazing temper”, Greater Yang person can easily become angry or pathetic. In addition, the most distinctive weakness of one might be self-indulgence(放縱之心).
For a greater yang person, healthy urine indicates good health. Lumbar pain can indicate severe illness, and having a large amount of saliva or bubble in mouth can also mean serious illness. Symptoms of disease include frequent hiccuping, indigestion, and drowsiness.
In order to take care of one's health, (養生), one of this trait is recommended to intake cold and plain food, but refrain from hot or boiling food. Examples of healthy foods for this type of people include buckwheat, grape, quince, apple, squid, octopus, and various kinds of vegetables. On the other hand, meat, pork, flour, peanut, carrot, ginseng, and deer antlers are few of the examples that one should refrain from.

2. Lesser Yang person by Park Junhyeong

Spleen is Greater(stronger), and Kidney is Lesser(weaker). 20% of Korean are Lesser Yang person.

Since his/her Spleen is Greater and Kidney is Lesser, the chest is well developed(broad) and below pelvis is weak(slim). This can be explained by the location of the organs. Most of Lesser Yang person walks fast because they have light lower bodys. They have round heads, and sometimes these have front or rear bulges. Their faces are filled with clean and beautiful eyes, mouses of medium size, thin lips, and sharp chins.

They are not logical, and dislike spending times on discussing something they think useless. Because they are impetuous, they do works without carefull thinking, finish them quickly, and give up easily, which causes rough results with many mistakes. They love to works for others, while making light of their familys' and even own matters. If they see something that seems to them unjustifiable, they do correct it even when it costs their time, money and life.

Since Kidney which controls Essence and Qi is weak, woman can bear few children, while man suffers from insufficient Yang Qi, which causes fatigue and impotence. They easily get nephritis, cystitis and urethritis(This is because urinary organs are involved in Kidney System according to the Oriental Medicine). In addition, they suffer from lumbago because of the unbalance between well developed upper body and weak lower body.
On the other hands, they rarely have upset stomachs even when they overeat, because of their stronger Spleen(In Oriental Medicine, Spleen represents the whole digestive system, and is related with digestion and excretion). However, this fact leads overeating into their lifestlye, which causes chronic digestive tract disease and obesity. Since they have Greater Spleen, their excretion is very smooth. Constipation is bad sign which implies the stronger organ gets too much weak, so that it cannot do its own work normally.

They love to intake something cool even when it is winter, for they are people with Yang. Hence they dislike hot and spice sauces with ginseng, garlic, mustard. They like pork, and watery fruits such as watermelon. Since spice foods, alcohol, and flied foods make their body warmer, Lesser Yang person who are warm enough originally should avoid these sort of foods. Ginseng, coffee, honey are not good for them too.

3. Greater Yin person by GoYaejin

Liver is Greater(stronger), and Lung is Lesser(weaker). 30% of Korean are Greater Yin person.

Since their Liver is Greater and Lung is Lesser, their waist is so developed that they stand strongly, and the upper of back of their neck is weak. They are usually tall and unusually small. They are usually fat and have a bulky build, compared with the other three types. Their skin, muscle tissue is tight and they sweat well. If he/she sweat a lot, it is not a sign for bad health but a sign for fast metabolism. Most of Greater Yin person walks with faltering steps seeing foots because they have healthier lower body. Eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are big because of clean lines in their face. Their chins are long and stout.

Their character are constant, composed and they end the work which they started or got. Even if they know work would not head smoothly, they start it recklessly. They plan variously in their heart and succeed after action. So there's a high probability that they will succeed.
Greater Yin person looks gentle but doesn't believe anyone easily, so doesn't tell their thought to other. Sometimes they insisted on their opinions. When they insist continuously, they don't care other peoples thought.

Since their Liver is Greater and Lung is Lesser, they can absorb and accumulate energy well, but burn up and excrete not well. They eat a huge mount of food, high calories food and exercise little, so they could gain weight easily. To develop respiratory and cardiovascular function they should exercise regularly which promotes the circulation of the blood and quit smoking, drinking. It is easy to get heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, arteriosclerosis, fatty liver, and asthma now that respiratory and cardiovascular function of Greater Yin person are weak. Greater Yin person has moist body. If he/she sweat or urinate lot, we regard him being in health.

They eat various food a lot because the digestive organs are stronger than other people. Sometimes they eat and drink immoderately, so their organs are damaged. In fact, it is good for them to take high protein food, vegetable, and sea food. But it's good for their health to avoid foods that are chicken, dog meat, greasy food or strong-tasting seasoning.

4. Lesser Yin person by SeHyun Kang

Lesser yin person is one who has strong kidney and weak spleen in the context of Four-Constitution Medicine. The person has a cold feature of one's body and has discreet and detailed character and weak ability of digestion.

In the feature of Lesser yin person, the main characteristic of the body form is the appearance that is strong lower body and weak shoulder and chest. The person has a face with neat but beautiful feature. Also, the person has a decent look and walks quietly and carefully. But most Lesser yin persons seem to be a little peaked and there are some persons who are lower weight. The feature of skin is bright color, tender and soft condition and little sweat.
Second, we explain Lesser yin person by one's mind. Lesser yin person has a tendency to stay back and has a quiet, neat, and careful mind. That person has a ability that grasps whether some person has a real capability and kindness or not. Using this ability, (s)he intends to get along with some congenial friends. In addition, the person doesn't have many friends because (s)he is so hard to mix with unfamiliar people.

The personality of Lesser yin person is delicate, tidy, and careful mind so Lesser yin person is very careful in one's business and has a logical way of thinking. However, Lesser yin person has a passive and compulsive tendency and in some cases of relationship, the person shows cold-blooded aspect. Also, Lesser yin person is jealous of other's business work ability.
Third, in the nature of a disease, the characteristic of Lesser yin person is weak digestive systems and a cold constitution. The person commonly suffers from cold hands and feet, low energy, low amount of menses and etc. It comes from a chronic and weak digestive systems so, it is the key of health that is recovering the digestive functions and keeping oneself warm. The serious illnesses of Lesser yin person are condition of excessive pleasure, continuous diarrhea and a case that is too cold under the navel and etc.

In the base of features of Lesser yin person, Lesser yin person should eat food that warms the body and develops the digestive systems. There are examples that make Lesser yin person healthy; glutinous rice, chicken, goat meat, honey, pollock, yellow corbina, anchovy, garlic, ginger, chili, pepper, onion, lemon, jujube and etc. Also, there are medicines that prevent and remedy Lesser yin person's diseases; ginseng, bai zhu, licorice and etc.

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